Clarification of the rules for reporting and handling complaints in ACAR S.A.

To improve and expedite your complaint handling by ACAR S.A., please read the following rules:

  • In the event of a complaint, the printing must be completed precisely: complaint (available for download below) and sent to: or by phone:
    • Complaints Wholesale-Jolanta Szostak: + 48 94 373 06 70, E-mail:
    • Network complaints-Ewelina Kłosowska: + 48 94 373 06 62, E-mail:
  • After receipt of the complaint notification, we will indicate the appropriate freight forwarder through which we will collect from you the goods at the expense of ACAR S.A.
  • Deadlines for handling Complaints (warranty):
    • 14 days from the date of receipt by the ACAR of the goods being advertised,
    • In case of complaint concerning the product ACAR S.A., the manufacturer shall provide free removal of the defect revealed during the warranty period-within 35 days from the date of recognition of the defect,
    • In case of unfounded complaint and in case of post-warranty repair, the cost of transport of goods returned is covered by the customer. The cost of transport will not be added if the goods advertised will be returned with the next order ordered.

Filing a complaint

Icon ACAR notification of complaint 59.59 KB Download

Icon ACAR Complaint form – editable version 15.61 KB Download

Catalogues and Flyers

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ISO certificates

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Declarations of approvals and other

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LOGO Schemes Instructions

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