Extension line for demanding and appreciated high quality and reliability at work.

Covers more than a dozen types depending on the type of cable used,

Length, mounting and finishing of the sockets and plugs.

Extension cords in the KERG line are suitable for all conditions.

Extension cords on the drum



The KERG drum extension line is characterized by high strength. The extension frame is built from the steel structure with an ergonomic carrying handle. The metal body provides great durability and resistance to impact and cracks. The drum with sockets is equipped with opposite slots with flaps for protection of IP-44. The entire drum is rigidly mounted to prevent twisting of the connected wires when developing or turning an extension cable.

All extension lines in the KERG line are manufactured exclusively in Poland with the best materials, reputable national and European companies. Depending on the application, four wire types are used in the following colours: Black, red, yellow, blue.

Extension lines from the KERG line are available throughout Poland at retail outlets with electrical equipment and in selected network locations. With our loyalty merchants, you can easily recognise extension lines from the KERG line on specially prepared racks that allow for optimal exposure and storage.

Drum Extenders



KERG extension cables are extremely resistant and adapted to a range of operating conditions in the temperature range of-50oC D0 + 90oC. Depending on the cable cross section, they are used to power professional machines and equipment to 230v voltage and 700V. Thanks to their unique properties they are widely used not only in the house and in the workshop, but also in the works, factories, shipyards, steel plants and mines, rescue and in the military.

The extension line KERG received an Honorable award. The jury of the consumer product and service quality competition “best in Poland 2016” awarded “Certificate for the drum extension line in the KERG”.

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