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A line of products for users who value quality, to use in households, in household workshops or in gardens.
A line of specialty extenders manufactured in Poland, with the highest quality components, for the most demanding users.
A line of good quality products at a reasonable price.

Strengths per voltage range 400v New

Strengths per voltage range 400v

follow site We extend the extension line to high voltages with new types. Based on the H05RR-F rubber cable, equipped with a Plug and a single socket, we offer some of the most popular versions of 10, 20, 30 meters long. These extension cords are best suited at home and in the workshop – securely feeding all kinds of tools and devices. They are suitable for working in […]

opcje binarne wyniki

Power Accessories binary opyion New

Power Accessories

go For anyone who is looking for individual connection solutions for electrical appliances, or who need accessories to implement atypical lengths of extension cables, we offer you the most popular solutions in the form Power splitters and portable sockets and plugs for self-assembly. The proposed accessories are prepared specifically for our company by reputable suppliers based on the best components and […]

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For professionals only the best extension cords Products

For professionals only the best extension cords

Our extension line in the KERG brand is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. These products are manufactured in our company, based on the best materials on the line of renowned cable company Telefonika. As the first in the Polish market we have introduced extension lines in the KERG line in several colour versions, depending on the resistance to different factors, application and working conditions. If you have […]

Brightness always at hand


Brightness always at hand

Probably everyone once met with the problem of lack of electricity or insufficient lighting in their environment. In these situations, the most common are flashlights and other battery lights. In our offer you will find a wide selection of such multifunctional LED flashlights and led COB. They can be battery-operated or rechargeable. is […]

Bookcase KERG

Products, shelving unit

Bookcase KERG

For our business partners we have ready solutions to facilitate the exposition of a wide range of products in brand KERG in retail locations. Our metal bookcases are made from durable, paint-resistant materials that allow you to visualize 20-30 types of extension cords, depending on their length version. With this KERG shelving unit in your shop, you can enable your customers to explore the best products […]


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